Keep the Music Going

This community gathering means so much to our friends and neighbors. Thank you in advance for joining us in one of Erie’s most beloved grassroots events and allowing our local culture to shine! As a nonprofit we have a tight budget. Because the Festival is free to the public, we fund this event through charitable giving. Sponsorship funds and grants defray operational costs and increasing artist and production fees. But we cannot present world-class performances without private donors like YOU.

How to Give

Donate Online

  1. Choose a preset amount from the options given or manually enter an amount of your choosing.
  2. Use the radio buttons to choose between donating the chosen amount one time only, or becoming a recurring a monthly donor — we greatly appreciate your commitment! (monthly donations can be paused or canceled at any time).
  3. Choose a payment method
  4. Fill out the form fields
  5. Optionally donate anonymously or donate on behalf of another entity.
  6. Click or tap the button to confirm. 

Donate by Physical Check

If you'd prefer, you can send a physical check by mail to:

Erie Blues & Jazz Festival 

P.O. Box 9071

2711 Legion Road

Erie, PA 16506

Checks should be made out to "Erie Blues and Jazz Festival"

Thank You!

Thank you to our many sponsors, media partners and friends of the festival over the last 30 years. From corporate sponsor to Bucket Brigade donor, you have always come through, even in the toughest of times, because you believe in the power of great music to create community! You’ve inspired us to return to the stage each year. Your gifts have helped make the festival a beloved Erie tradition, and we are so very thankful to you.

Note: Upon submission of your gift, you will receive payment confirmation from an "Erie Arts and Music Festival." Don't worry — that's us! (It's the official name of our 501c3 organization.)