Erie Blues and Jazz crowd

Rules and Restrictions

We have only a few, but they are very important! Please follow them for a smooth festival experience:

  • DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED on festival grounds. Attendees with dogs will be asked to leave.
  • NO TENTS SET UP BEFORE SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 3. Tents set up earlier will be dismantled. Tents must be set up in designated areas only.
  • No unauthorized vehicles may be driven onto the grounds.
  • Overnight camping and open flame cooking prohibited.
  • No unauthorized sales or solicitations.

Festival Merch

Posters, limited edition t-shirts, and festival buttons can be purchased with cash or credit card at the Information Tent. You can also purchase items in advance at U-Frame-It (8th & Liberty in Erie).

Bucket Brigade

The festival asks everyone to donate to the Bucket Brigade; volunteers circulate throughout the event and ask that all adults donate a minimum of $10 each. All donors giving $10 receive a limited edition festival button as a “thank you.” All funds raised help offset festival costs. We simply cannot do this without your financial support!

Erie Blues and Jazz crowd facing stage