blues musician playing harmonica


For more than 30 years, the Erie Blues & Jazz Festival has brought together community, creativity, and tradition within the beautiful environs of Frontier Park. From the beginning, the festival has been free and free-spirited, ushering in August with phenomenal music and unforgettable memories. 

Longtime Erie Art Museum Director John Vanco organized the inaugural event in 1992 and led the charge up until his retirement in 2017. During that time, Blues & Jazz became a beloved summer rite of passage. It continued to be equally vital in the years that followed, despite facing various challenges.

Today, the Erie Blues & Jazz Festival is its own nonprofit organization committed to keep the music going — and the people moving!

Our Mission

Present America's greatest musical contributions to the world: Blues and Jazz.
Educate our neighbors about Frontier Park and our natural environment.
Attract friends from around the region to visit Erie, PA.
Celebrate our differences and embrace our unity.
Enjoy a peaceful weekend with friends and family.



Matt Walker

Artistic Director/Producer


John Vanco

Festival Founder


Danny Jones

Board President

2024 Board Members: Marcus Atkinson, Brian Atterbury, Tim Bruno, Rich Chapman, Rob Hoff, Matt Lebowitz, Bailey Pituch, Anne Rahner, Amy Shallenberger, Amanda Sissem, Tanya Teglo, Kennedy Thompson, Mo Troop and Nick Warren.


We Look Forward to Seeing You in August!