Download Our Poster to Color!

Music colors in the lines between life, emotion, and expression — in other words, it's your own personal vibe!

In that spirit, we invite you to pick up your favorite set of crayons, colored pencils, or markers and make this year's featured artwork your own. 

At Erie Blues and Jazz, we reward creativity — on the stage and in the seats! To participate in this year's coloring contest:

  1. Print the poster on this page.
  2. Fill between the lines with your favorite palette of colors. 
  3. Stay tuned for submission guidelines.

Reward and incentive updates to follow!

2024 Festival Poster

Every year, a community artist generously creates an original design to promote the Festival on posters, ads, buttons, and t-shirts. This year’s design was created by Melissa Sullivan Shimek.

Thank you also to Printing Concepts for generously printing this year’s poster.